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Why every author needs Kayleigh Anne Kavanagh

passion for books


I am honored to have in my attic Kayleigh Kavanagh. See, Kayleigh, even the crickets are cheering for you.

They are cheering because they know all the work she’s done to help promote us authors. For those who don’t know she is the creator of great Facebook pages such as


Like for a Like –

Follow for a Follow –

I Want to Read –

Passion for Books –


Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and why you have blessed us with your Facebook pages?

I’m blushing at your flattery! Basically it all started as a few conversations with my friend (as all great projects start). She made me an admin to her page, “Writers union” and I wanted to do more than the odd post, so I began running event alongside the group, but open to everyone. I started with the “like for a like” event, I didn’t even have my own author page at the time (nerves), but eventually I got over it and as that event grew I branched out further. I love twitter so then came the “follow for a follow” event, if you haven’t already got twitter then you should join it! And then join our event lol.

The “I want to read” event was something new, I wanted to do it from the reader’s perspective, so often in groups and events it gets overrun with books and there’s nothing to really encourage the reader but a picture and a link, I wanted to change that. I set up rules; the author had to write the book genre, a sales pitch and include both USA and UK links (people in the UK read as well) and then readers could decide for themselves, it seemed to really work.

From that event I set up my group “Passion for Books”, which is an online book group where we read books by indie authors and those with smaller publishers. I want to help bridge this gap between readers and authors. Most readers have books recommended to them by Amazon, magazines, friends etc. because they either don’t know where to look, or what they’re looking for. Word of mouth is very powerful that way and I want to use the group to help authors and readers.

Since I’m sure you have a bookshelf as long as my house, tell us which book or books are your favorites and why?

Oh god we could be here a while! I have so many books, and the ease of kindle and ibooks has only fed my addiction!

One indie book I downloaded, (it was on a free promotion so I got it out of curiosity), is “Past Suspicions” by Therese Heckenkamp. Her book is beautifully written and, based on the life of a young girl, Robin, who is dealing with the secrets from her mother’s past after her death, Robin is now in a town she doesn’t know and it is filled with people she’s unsure if she can trust. The book has intrigue, romance and danger, it is a brilliant book. So I highly recommend it. I have since paid for her next book and am waiting on her next one too!

A mainstream book, “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, I read it for college many years ago, but it’s one which has stayed with me. The descriptions within the book, and the journey of self discovery and dealing with the past, it is a powerful read.

You’re stranded on an island and you are granted three things;

The first thing you’re granted is an IPod with only one song loaded, what is it?

That is a tough one. I love music. “Iris” by the Goo Goo dolls. I heard it when I was around ten years old and every time I hear it I am transported back to that little girl swaying away to the song.

The second item is a book with the last chapter missing, what is it and who wrote it?

Me, because I’m rubbish at ending books… haha. Erm. Probably, C J Austin’s “Hidden Darkness: Nightclub” in the last chapter he killed off my favourite character so I could pretend that never happened.

And the third thing you’re granted on this island is a lunchbox with a sandwich and a full thermos, yummy, what kind of sandwich and drink would you appreciate?

I can’t eat bread, so I’d obviously die. And if I was going to die id want a strong alcohol to help me laugh about it J

Failing that, chicken and bacon with lettuce and onions, with water or tea, I’m British, I love tea.

What is the biggest mistake you have made in your life? Not writing or publishing mistake – any mistake. Even if it happened in 3rd grade, I wanna know about it.

Not listening to my body and pushing myself so hard that I weakened my body and got ill. I’m a silly billie.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

No idea what that is so nothing.

Wow really? I would send you a box if they wouldn’t melt in the mail, sorry, I’ll have to eat them here.

And now it is time for *****



What is your favorite color?



Bop (I don’t know if this means music or just a noise) music is country music.






Britney’s perfume “Fantasy”



Place to visit


Place to live



The perks of being a wallflower


Haven’t met any

I have, some not so nice.



Writing/reading spot

My bed





And last of all, favorite memory-

Me, my mum, sister and brother all wrapped up in blankets watching DVDs in the living room, it was the perfect family day.


My first kiss with my first real boyfriend – it was a movie moment. I was 18 (drinking age in England) and we were in town, it wasn’t a night out, but we’d gone for drinks and to play pool. Our relationship was in the awkward in between stage of friends and more. We got stopped in the street by a homeless guy, I was automatically dubious, but my (Friend at the time) Gary, was a nice guy – lovely to everyone, shy but cute. So the homeless guy goes into his pocket and starts to bring something out, I straight away think knife, but it wasn’t. It was mistletoe. So we had our first kiss extremely randomly, but it was kind of beautiful. And it helped us decide what we wanted. A sign from fate.

That is a wonderfully romantic story!


Anything else you would like to add?

If you love reading and want to try reading some books by amazing authors don’t forget to join “Passion for Books”

And don’t forget these!!!

Like for a Like –

Follow for a Follow –

I Want to Read –

Passion for Books –

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