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My attic is dusty and has a plethora of junk in it. I must say it's a fun place to hang out and look at what's rolling around in my head. If you don't mind the dust, I'd love to have you.

Paul Kohler visit’s my Attic

Come in and sit. I haven’t had anyone visit my attic in a while so it’s nice to have company.


Who are you and where did you come from? Hi. I’m Paul.  I an Indie Author and I am a Colorado native.  I was born and raised here, save a 9 month stint in California when my parents thought it was a good idea to uproot the family when I was 7.


Obviously you’re a writer, what is the name of your book and the general plot?  The name of my book is Linear Shift.  It is about Peter Cooper, a widowed father of two whose life is crumbling around him—until a bizarre encounter with a desperate Army general launches him on a risky mission: to go back to 1942 and change a moment in time.


Where did you come up with the idea?  Good question.  I think I stumbled upon it during a brainstorming session for another story many years ago.  I think I finally took hold of the idea in 2011 for NaNoWriMo.


Which of your characters do you like the most and why?  I like Benny the most.  He is easy going, and slightly mysterious.  Unfortunately, his part in the book is very limited.  I might try and include him more in part 2.


Which one do you hate the most and why?  I think I dislike Stella the most.  Peter has been widowed for close to 2 years now, but he is still reluctant to get back into the saddle.  Stella is a bit of a slut, and continues to push him into uncomfortable situations.  Poor Peter.


You’re stranded on an island and you are granted three things;

The first thing you’re granted is an IPod with only one song loaded, what is it?  That’s a tough one.  I LOVE music, and mostly all genre’s.  But, if I had just one song, it would probably have to be a classical piece (strings) that has an upbeat tempo.  Classical is so soothing, and I could have it on in the background, and hours would fly by without any thought.


The second item is a book with the last chapter missing, what is it and who wrote it?  Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.  I have read that book twice, and it is LONG.  Also, I had an opinion of the outcome way before the last chapter, so I don’t think I would miss anything by not having the conclusion.


And the third thing you’re granted on this island is a lunchbox with a sandwich and a full thermos, yummy, what kind of sandwich and drink would you appreciate? I think I would take a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.  They are so simple and pretty tasty.  The memories of my childhood would come rushing back at every bite.  As for the drink, I would have to go for Iced Tea, unsweetened.  I seriously could drink Tea all the time.  Heck, I almost do now!

One iced tea coming up!

Thank you, Atty.

Awww, sure, it’s the least i could do. So tell me, What is the biggest mistake you have made in your life? Not writing or publishing mistake – any mistake. Even if it happened in 3rd grade, I wanna know about it.  I think my biggest mistake was dropping out of High School.  My parents were just separated, and I was an aimless youth.  Thankfully, I went back and got my GED, and then onto college, but I think I missed so much in those years.  No High school functions – No prom.  I grew up too fast.



What would you do for a Klondike bar? I would travel back in time and change the formula to what HäagenDazs uses.  Then, my world would be complete.

That sounds yummy, I like that idea.


You’re still stranded on that island and two people show up, the character you love the most, and the one you hate the most, and they both know what you said about them. What do you do? Grab some popcorn!  Benny knows He’s my best bud.  Stella, well, she’s a little dim sometimes, so it would be interesting to see how long it took her to find out that what I thought about her was not a compliment.

That’s funny.


Okay, time for … Flash round favorites!


Color – Yellow.


Sound – Ocean waves crashing onto the beach.


Season – Spring, because everything is full of new life.


Animal – House cat.  Yes, that is right.  I LOVE my cats.


Smell – Ahh, the scent of a woman.  Wait, wasn’t that a movie?

I don’t know if that counts.


Food – Mexican food!



Place to visit – London, Baby!


Place to live – By the sea.


Movie – Star Trek, 2008


Alien – Wookie – That’s a fantastic answer!

Number  – 2


Writing spot – Anywhere where there is peace and quiet.


Texture – Interesting…  Rough?

Uh, sure, that’ll work.


Planet – The only one I’ve been to, so far, is Earth!


And last of all, favorite memory – Hmm, my favorite memory has to be when I first met my wife, all the way through until our first or second date.  Butterflies, I tell ya!

Good answer!



Thank you for coming by, now that you’ve mentioned Mexican food I’m a little hungry so I’m kicking you out.






8 comments on “Paul Kohler visit’s my Attic

  1. Paul B. Kohler
    October 22, 2013

    Hey, Thanks for the snazzy, in-depth questions!

    • AttyEve
      October 22, 2013

      Thanks for jumping into this shallow pool of thought with me!

  2. Cheryl Kohler
    October 22, 2013

    That is so awesome! Great job. Love ya honey

    • Atty Eve
      October 22, 2013

      You just think he did a good job because of his favorite memory, hehehe. But had he not said that……?
      How about this, what is your favorite memory of him? I should interview you! That would be fun.
      Spouses of the visitors– what’s really going on inside a writer’s mind…

  3. A. Lynn Jesus
    October 22, 2013

    What a fun read!

    • Atty Eve
      October 24, 2013

      thanks! A. Lynn Jesus, come in and get comfortable. You’re gonna be here tomorrow!

  4. Annie
    October 22, 2013

    A PB&J sandwich? Can I come too? 🙂 NaNoWriMo is amazing isn’t it? You never know where it might lead… No long until November yet. I have no idea what I’ll do this year yet!

  5. Atty Eve
    October 22, 2013

    He only has one sandwich on an island, i don’t think he’ll be keen on sharing. hahaha. BTW you only have a few days for NaNoWriMo you better get ta thinking

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My attic is dusty and has a plethora of junk in it. I must say it's a fun place to hang out and look at what's rolling around in my head. If you don't mind the dust, I'd love to have you.

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