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My attic is dusty and has a plethora of junk in it. I must say it's a fun place to hang out and look at what's rolling around in my head. If you don't mind the dust, I'd love to have you.

Dawn Kopman Whidden waits for my sloth to cook dinner.

Welcome, come on in, Dawn! Sit down and relax, thank you for coming. So for everyone here, tell us, who are you and where did you come from?
My name is Dawn Kopman Whidden and I am from the planet HTRAE~ no…just kidding. Born and raised in Queens , NY I am 60 years old.
I started my writing career at the ripe old age of 58. It is something I have dreamed of since elementary school.
Obviously you’re a writer, what is the name of your book and the general plot?
My first novel is A CHILD IS TORN: INNOCENCE LOST is the story of a 10 year old boy who is found stoic and bloodied playing a video game in his home. Upstairs lies the bodies of both his parents beaten to death. During the investigation the boy confesses to the brutal killing.
Creepy.. Where did you come up with the idea?  
This story is the result of a dream I had one evening. Although having dreams is something I do often,  this was the first time I actually got up and wrote down what I dreamt about. It was three in the morning and I just knew that if I didn’t write it down I would most likely forget it. So I started to write a few words, and then I couldn’t stop.
Which of your characters do you like the most and why?  
I really love most of my characters, all for different reasons. I adore the Captain and an ever more minor character Gabby the janitor at the CHILDRENS’ HOSPITAL.  I hope one day to write a story about him.
Which one do you hate the most and why?
I really don’t’ hate any of my characters, but I do dislike MICHAEL HENNESSEY one of the police officers. (He is actually someone I knew in my past)  That’s what is great about being a writer. You can make fun and turn anyone into a moron or evil doer.
That’s awesome! I love doing that.
Okay. You’re stranded on an island and you are granted three things;
The first thing you’re granted is an IPod with only one song loaded, what is it?
The second item is a book with the last chapter missing, what is it and who wrote it?
The 3rd book that I am working on now.. IF I was up to the last chapter I would be thrilled!
And the third thing you’re granted on this island is a lunchbox with a sandwich and a full thermos, yummy, what kind of sandwich and drink would you appreciate? 
HOT PASTRAMI with Guldens mustard and a DR.BROWNS CREAM SODA
What is the biggest mistake you have made in your life? Not writing or publishing mistake – any mistake. Even if it happened in 3rd grade, I wanna know about it.
My biggest mistake is not believing in myself earlier. I never thought that I had the ability to publish a book, imagine where I would be if I started in 3rd grade!
What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Nothing much.. now give me dish of home-made potato pancakes and apple sauce and I would be willing to negotiate.
Then I’ll eat the Klondike bar and my sloth will make your pancakes. Might take a while though.
You’re still stranded on that island and two people show up, the character you love the most, and the one you hate the most, and they both know what you said about them. What do you do?
I would hide behind the Captain… he’s a born protector.
Flash round favorites
Color :
Waves crashing against the shore
spring or fall in NY
anything fattening…ice cream, potatoes, fried shrimp
Place to visit 
Place to live 
 SO many to choose from…too many
Writing spot 
And last of all, favorite memory-
Seeing my husband smile.
Anything else you would like to add?
Dreams are just a doorway to the beginning of what can be.
Thank you for coming in to visit. Come back tomorrow and my sloth should be done cooking for you.
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My attic is dusty and has a plethora of junk in it. I must say it's a fun place to hang out and look at what's rolling around in my head. If you don't mind the dust, I'd love to have you.

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