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10 questions with Jen Raygoza

Jen Raygoza had this fantastic idea. The best way to get to know someone is to ask questions, right? It all depends. What questions are important to you. The questions she asked me stumped me a little. The questions I asked her were answered quickly, she’s witty like that. Would I ask Gandhi these questions? Probably not, but for me this is what I wanted to know about Jen.


1) What was your favorite childhood show?

Punky Brewster. I use to watch it religiously.

2) If you could pick any career what would it be?

Marriage Counselor. I love dealing with relationships.

3) If you had any fictional character as your best friend who would it be?

My lead female Character Gianna. She is a tough b*tch. Who doesn’t want someone like that on their team.

4) What is the worst think you’ve eaten?

I really hate meatloaf. No. Hate doesn’t even describe how I feel about it. However Miracle Whip is pretty up there too. I don’t eat things too weird.

5) If you had one date with any celebrity who would it be with and where would you go?

Vin Diesel. I have had a crush on him since Fast and Furious one. We would go to a nice restaurant and maybe just spend the night talking. Again I apologize to my husband who will be thrilled to hear about Vin again.

6) Would you prefer to die slowly in a hospital room or quickly in a car accident?

Quick and painless. I don’t want to suffer and I don’t want others to watch me suffer.

7) You have 5 minutes to live- who would you tell what to?

My kids- Don’t make the same mistakes I have. Be better, live better and don’t let others influence your life. My parents- I love you and thank you for raising me the best you could. My husband- You have been my light in dark times and I love you.

Evening gown and fancy night or jeans, dinner and a movie?

This one is hard. I am more of a jeans, dinner, movie type of girl, but every so often I want to pretty it up and get sexy. I choose jeans though. Much more comfy.

9) All American boy or bad boy?

I love a man with edge but I am at an age where if I was single I can’t deal with all the B.S of a bad boy. All American is just not my style. I guess a bad boy it is.

10) If you could possess any talent what would it be?

To sing. I sing all the time but I don’t sing well.


Thanks Jen for playing this was fun! If you all wanna know more about Jen here is the Facebook page of her novel The Guardians



3 comments on “10 questions with Jen Raygoza

  1. Annie
    January 3, 2014

    Marriage Counselor! Love it! 🙂 I am also VERY bad at singing – so I like that particular answer too. 😀

  2. AttyEve
    January 3, 2014

    I could never be a marriage counselor. I can’t put up with bullies or whiny people.

  3. Jen Raygoza
    January 3, 2014

    I was always the person everyone went to for relationship advice probably since I was fourteen. It’s natural for me. I went to college for it but had to drop out when I got pregnant.

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My attic is dusty and has a plethora of junk in it. I must say it's a fun place to hang out and look at what's rolling around in my head. If you don't mind the dust, I'd love to have you.

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