Atty's Attic

My attic is dusty and has a plethora of junk in it. I must say it's a fun place to hang out and look at what's rolling around in my head. If you don't mind the dust, I'd love to have you.


A lot has changed in the last few years since my last post. I won’t bore you all with the details, instead I’m going to update the site. I will no longer post only book related stuff. I am more than the sum of my library. No, I will post whatever comes into my head, or attic if you will.

I will post crafts, recipes, videos, etc. Basically whatever the heck I want. If you still want to know about the latest and greatest authors, then I suggest you go here…

It’s time to clean up, so excuse the mess while I try to remember what I’m doing. Also, my editor is not on this site so it you see a mistake then forgive me, I’m not perfect.

2 comments on “Updating

  1. christinanorth
    August 19, 2019

    Hello Atty,

    We have all grown and changed. I’ve been gone too and much has happened. I’ve been happy to see that you can come back from along absence, though. I put out a couple small lunchtime reads and actually got some movement on the first novel you reviewed. A a five star review at that! I needed the bit of confidence, honestly. So, welcome back!


    Christina North

  2. AttyEve
    August 20, 2019

    Congrats on the five star review! And welcome back – it’s always good to grow but not forget how far we’ve come

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